Vaccinations unintentional are causing problems across the globe. There are more children diagnosed with autism. There are more cases of Infant Death Syndrome.  The government is losing money from lawsuits, caused from vaccination injury.  The ingredients within the vaccines are a poisonous cocktail. Most people wouldn’t let their animal near, much less themselves, or a child knowing this, the CDC needs to test vaccines more extensively and change the scheduling of the administration of these injections, in order to stop these catastrophes.

Let us take a look at what the Centers of Disease Control says about vaccine safety and adverse events:  “As with any medical procedure, vaccination has some risk as well as substantial proven benefits.  Individuals react different to vaccines and there is now way to predict the reaction of a specific individual to a particular vaccine.  Anyone taking a vaccine should be fully informed about benefits and risk.” (Reference & vaccine safety and adverse events  CDC.gov/vaccine/vac-gen/safety/default.htm.

Now, let us reflect on individuals react different. Yet, the CDC scheduling of these shots are the same for all people. Why?  Everyone is different.  Some people cannot tolerate these shots, these poisonous cocktails. Ok, so the CDC goes on to say, “why it is so important to monitor vaccine safety. “Rare reactions occur vaccines are tested extensively, but NOT enough people are included in the test to detect what serious reactions could occur. (Reference CDC.gov/vaccine safety/basic new-monitor.htm )

With all of the information the CDC knows about these vaccines, how could they continue with the farce about the safety of these shots?  Our infants get these shots when they are New Born.   What are in these vaccines? what are we putting into our children and into our selves?

Well, Lets take a look what’s in these cocktails we give to our newly born infants, our children, and ourselves.  Thimersol is 46.9% ethyl mercury by volume, it is highly neuro toxic. The Hepatitis B or HIB, and the flu shot have 25 milligrams of ethyl mercury. Many vaccines contain ethylene glycol. (antifreeze), phenol (a disinfectant dye) benzethonium chloride (a disinfectant) formaldehyde (a preservative, disinfectant and aluminum) another known neuro toxin. (generationrescue.org) People, these ingredients are going into our new-born babies, our children, and adults around the globe. These vaccines are harming everyone’s health and well-being.

Vaccines are making the government money, but at the same time it is costing money. the general public pays for their shot or the insurance companies and that money is put a side. (part of it) for the V.A.E.R.S  program.  The Centers of Disease Control maintains a data bas known as VAERS (Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System) Their job is to keep track publicly with adverse reactions within a 10 yr period (1991-2001) VAERS reported 128,717 reports of adverse events. 14% were considered serious or life threatening.  The vaccination injury program that pays out money to families of those who have had serious or injury due to vaccines paid out 900 million dollars between 1990-2004.  That is a lot of money going out for the so-called safe vaccines.


Vaccinations are not only a problem in the United States, but around the globe. In Nigeria the polio vaccination was brought to a halt due to undetermined contaniments and toxic substances.  These vaccines were causing malfunction of the male testes and infertility in women.

The measles vaccination is another controversy all over the globe. People are Leary of the MMR and its components.  There is also the question is it working?  Another global vaccine problem is the pertussis vaccination.  There have been more law suits against this particular vaccine and more money paid out due to injury from the components of this vaccination.  Pharmaceuticals and other health professionals are contemplating the halt of this vaccine. (medical suits its high time)


In conclusion, vaccines ae causing serious problems including; Autism, death, money, and the list goes on and on… These vaccines all of them, are made up of poisonous chemicals, not to mention diseases are also in these cocktails of poison.  The government is giving this to all people. Infants get their first dose at birth.  The only solution to this problem is to realize every person is different lets change the scheduling of these vaccines . Stop putting three as one or worse 7 in one and do more lengthier testing or stop the program all together.  There has to be a safer way to prevent disease. Most people would rather itch, cough or run fever than to be turned into a vegetable or worse death.